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Plascoat and affiliated sister companies are committed to protecting the environment, employees and business sustainability. We have seen sustainability become more of a driver from the point of view of our customers. Our products appeal to our customers precisely because they contain no hazardous substances that can harm the person applying the coating nor will pollute the local environment over time.

We do the following to minimise our environmental impact:

  • All of our cardboard boxes are made from 80% recycled card and 20% pulp from FSC accredited sources.
  • All of our cardboard boxes can in turn be recycled again
  • All of our office paper is made from 100% recycled paper


The health and safety of our employees is paramount. All of our employees receive health and safety training as soon as they commence employment and undergo regular health checks, performed by an external company, where their breathing, skin and hearing is assessed. A remarkable indication that Plascoat has created the right environment for our employees is that the majority have been employed for over 15 years.

Planning for the future

Plascoat continually plans for the future to ensure that we maintain a sustainable business. Part of this plan is making sure that we are not creating a situation by which our product use is restricted by future environmental legislation, unsustainable energy sources or a lack of employee skills to run the business in a profitable way. Our targeted investment programme ensures that our products will always offer our customers long term value and support their environmental goals.

Adaptability has always been an important business element but no more so than in today's constantly changing global environment. We will always strive to satisfy customer need, to support their aims and to help them become successful in their own right. But it is particularly important to us that we behave in an ethical and sustainable way and be a trusted supplier of thermoplastic powder to all our global distributors and customers.

The world's most environmentally-friendly coating solution

All of our powders offer so much more than standard paint finishes:

  • No volatile organic compounds
  • No heavy metals
  • No plasticisers, TGIC or halogens
  • No poisonous fumes during manufacture or application
  • Very low smoke on burning
  • Food and water contact approved