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Plascoat PPA 571 is stone chip and salt resistant

Plascoat coating materials for automotive applications

Plascoat PPA 571, PPA 571H and Talisman 30 can be used in a variety of automotive applications.

Thermoplastic coatings offer a thick protective layer to the metal and are often used either to protect the underlying e-coat from chip or impact damage or to provide a "cushion" effect for parts that are in contact with each other.

In addition Talisman 30 offers an attractive tough satin finish and is used for the coating of items such as car light protectors and seat adjustment handles.

Plascoat coating powders will usually pass all standard chip resistance tests (e.g. using SAE J400) at a thickness of between 300 and 500 microns. In addition, of course, they provide excellent corrosion protection from salt, UV and water.