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Plascoat PPA 691 is battery acid and abrasion resistant

European Approval from Battery Box Producers for Plascoat PPA 691

Plascoat PPA 691 is used to coat fork lift truck battery boxes Plascoat PPA 691 is used to coat fork lift truck battery boxes Plascoat PPA 691 is used to coat backup powder units

Manufacturers in Germany, the UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy are among the countries to welcome the new Plascoat PPA powder PPA 691 as well as the top-of-the-range PPA 571 fluidised bed applied alternative.

Battery boxes in excess of a cubic metre are now being dipped in PPA 691 which are available in a range of colours. The application of this powder, to a typical thickness of 600-800 microns, provides a smoother finish at lower temperatures at a cost around half that of a polyurethane coating.

PPA 691 has been specifically developed to meet the hardness, electrical and chemical resistance requirements of ATEX.

The grade of thermoplastic coating Plascoat PPA 691 has been developed for specific use on battery boxes for electrical powered vehicles in hazardous dusty environments where the risk of explosion from sparks could be potentially hazardous and to meet the requirements of ATEX. The coatings are fully resistant to chemical attack including battery acids, offers high impact protection and excellent long-term adhesion, preventing any metal, once coated from becoming exposed and conductive.

Rob Smit, Plascoat European Sales Manager and battery box Market Manager explains "that a resilient, durable, acid resistant coating is essential for battery boxes where there is a potential risk of sparks if bare metal is exposed. We have carried out extensive testing in our technical centre to perfect a product that provides a pin-hole free, smooth but tough finish at both higher and lower temperatures. It is also half the cost of a polyurethane coating.”

Plascoat PPA 691, fluidised bed dipping powder, offers excellent particle size distribution and superb flow characteristics as well as outstanding environmental credentials - no VOCs, no isocyanates and no heavy metals. PPA 691 is available in a wide range of colours to RAL specification, to compliment most electrically powered vehicles.

Like other products in the PPA range, PPA 691 requires no special primers when applied to clean metal and offers excellent and lasting adhesion on the metal surface. It also provides improved coating performance on sharp edges when compared to traditional coating substrates.

Plascoat also offer PPA 571 and PPA 571H for the coating of battery boxes.