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Plascoat Talisman 10 is a lower cost alternative to polyamide coatings

Talisman 10 - Ten-year success story, coating of Dishwasher Baskets

Plascoat Talisman plastic coating on a dishwasher basket Plascoat Talisman plastic coating on a dishwasher basket

After extensive and exhaustive development and testing, Talisman 10 has proved that it can perform successfully on dishwasher baskets in a commercial environment.

After five years in a demanding market place a leading Asian dishwasher manufacturer has announced that New Talisman 10 has "exceeded expectations" in both operation and cost. In addition, other appliance manufacturers in Asia have shown that the coating will last in excess of 7000 cycles - equivalent to over 15 years.

Talisman 10 is now being used by a number of Appliance manufacturers in Europe, Asia and USA and has been used to coat the baskets of at least 2m dishwashers.

Talisman 10 is a thermoplastic coating that has been specifically developed by Plascoat to provide outstanding performance in the field of dishwasher baskets, freezer shelves and glass-washer baskets. It provides protection for the metal in such environments and meets the performance at lower cost to traditional alternatives.

In addition to a significant cost advantage over nylons, Talisman 10 also shows some distinct performance benefits. These have been demonstrated in extensive field and laboratory tests - both at Plascoat and at appliance manufacturers themselves.

For instance, after four months at 130°C, Talisman 10 showed no signs of degradation or discolouration, whilst its nylon equivalent yellowed after just 72 hours. In salt-spray tests after 500 hours on deliberately damaged plates, New Talisman 10 showed only a few millimetres loss of adhesion, whilst the nylon coating's adhesion had been completely lost.

The development and commercial use of Talisman re-affirms the company's position as a key thermoplastic coating material supplier for the appliance market.

NG30 - A New Breed of Polyethylene Fluid Bed Coating Powder

Plascoat NG30 is a low cost, high performance plastic coating for refridgerator shelves Plascoat NG30 is a low cost, high performance plastic coating for dish racksPlascoat NG30 is a low cost, high performance plastic coating for indoor wirework

NG30 offers free flowing properties that allow good edge coverage, with minimal overall coating thickness at a considerably lower pre-heat temperature. Designed for the wire-work market, NG30 is available in a non-yellowing white, which will provide long lasting protection for your wire items.

Reports from users indicate savings as follows:

- up to 30% lower material usage
- up to 50 deg. C (even 100 deg. C in some cases) reduction in coating temperature – and therefore energy usage
- up to 15 % reduction in cycle times
compared to traditional polyethylene fluidised (fluidized) bed coating powders.

Typical applications include refrigerator shelves, dish drainers, freezer and closet shelving.