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Plascoat PPA 571 is maintence free, warm-to-the-touch and graffiti resistant

Plascoat PPA 571 for outdoor street furniture

Architects and specifiers have sought for many years a material that will withstand the rigours of outdoor life. The answer to their quest is PPA 571 with its excellent performance against UV rays and salt spray. For many years PVC has been the coating of choice for the consumer but all that has changed with Plascoat PPA 571. Although higher in cost than the competition the special formulation of PPA 571 removes the need for priming and the VOC emission is effectively nil. The lower density of the material benefits the user with reduced powder usage.

When other elements such as environmental requirements and ease of graffiti removal are accounted for the overall package with PPA 571 is very competitive.

Plascoat PPA 571 is available in a variety of colours including unique pearlescent silver and in fluidised bed or electrostatic spray grades.

USA - Plascoat PPA 571 for railings, fences , barriers and lighting columns

Plastic coatings for crash barriers and lighting columns

In 2011 Pendry Coatings recommended Plascoat PPA 571 in a tender for required restoration work on Jackson Street Bridge in Indiana, USA. The work involved the removal, re-conditioning, re-coating and re-installing all steelwork on the bridge. This included lighting columns, crash barriers, railings, and public information boards.

Pendry Coatings' end customer, The Department of Transportation for Indiana, was keen to evaluate Plascoat PPA 571 for future use elsewhere in the state. It requested.....


Plastic coated lamp posts in the UK

Mallatite row of lamps.jpg

A UK high volume specialist manufacturer of lighting columns was asked in 2011 to supply columns for several high profile street lighting Private Finance Initiative contracts, where the local authority had secured government funding to replace the existing lighting. As specialists in the manufacture of highly engineered lighting column, traffic sign column and bespoke support structures, this company carefully considered the options for anti corrosion treatments to complement hot dipped galvanizing. Most of the company's products spend their entire lives standing up to the elements - rain, frost, snow, heat and UV–rays. Some are partly submerged below ground where a new set of elements impacts, including high levels of acid or alkaline in the soil which can cause hidden corrosion. This manufacturer has always made a point of investing time and effort into seeking out metal coatings that offer both aesthetic appeal and the highest possible level of resistance to corrosion and damage.
In order to produce a winning tender, they knew that whole life costs were as important a consideration as the upfront cost. The old redundant lighting columns had been wet painted on site and other manufacturers tendered for the contracts using various different paint systems.

This specialist UK lighting column manufacturer chooses a different route. As Alan Paterson, Managing Director explains,

"We knew that we could offer significant savings by using Plascoat PPA 571, a highly durable thermoplastic coating, for the columns. PPA 571 has exceptional properties that offer outstanding protection against corrosion. The columns last far longer in the ground than painted columns would. The coating is tough and doesn't chip or crack so further savings are achieved as there is never a need to repaint on site. The whole life savings to the contractor and the client are substantial."

"Using PPA 571 also means that we avoid the lengthy drying process of wet sprayed coating and our product can be manufactured and installed on time, even in bad weather.
"The appearance of street lighting columns is important too. Local authorities aim to provide a well-maintained street environment. PPA 571 is an attractive high gloss finish and provides little or no anchor for the growth of algae or fungus which would spoil the look of these structures. So, in short, the columns will continue to look good and will not need repairing or replacing over a twenty five period. We felt our clients couldn't lose."

Plascoat PPA 571 proved to be a winning finish and the company secured the tenders, undertaking to initially replace and subsequently maintain street lighting for 25 years. The company has used Plascoat PPA 571 over the past five years and intends to continue using this coating on an ongoing basis and in forthcoming tenders.

"We have found Plascoat a superb company to work with. They have a proactive attitude and have been very supportive of our business needs." Alan Paterson Managing Director

PPA 571 for 100,000 lamp posts - Stockholm

The Swedish Union of Local Authorities revealed, in 2009, that they have coated over 100,000 lamp posts in Stockholm and other Swedish cities with Plascoat thermoplastic coating PPA 571. 25 years after the first trials of thermoplastic coatings in Sweden began; Plascoat PPA 571 has become the coating of choice for the Swedish authorities that have clearly overcome the problem of the short lifespan and the expense of constantly replacing lampposts.

Extensive and exhaustive testing has shown that PPA 571 can stand up to the most abrasive of substances.

Although lamp posts may not appear to be situated in the harshest of environments, they do suffer from a wide variety of corrosive substances above, below and particularly at ground level where dogs frequently contaminate the environment.

Trials at the Swedish Corrosion Institute have proved that thermoplastic coatings such as PPA 571 are one of only three out of 52 corrosion protection systems that can extend the lifetime of a lamp post by up to 50 years.

Not only does the coating provide protection against salty soil conditions, pollution, harsh climates and our canine friends, it also offers extreme resistance to budding graffiti artists. Even the most enduring of paints can easily be wiped clean, as can problematic fly-poster adhesives.

"Ground level corrosion on lamp posts can cause a real hazard. Using a protective coating such as PPA 571 means that the lifetime of the lamp post is greatly increased and the cost of maintenance is reduced. The hidden costs of road closures and inconvenience to road users are often rarely factored into these costs. The fact that 100,000 lampposts in Sweden are now coated with PPA 571 is clear testament to both the quality and the benefits of the product."

PPA 571 for lamp posts - La Réunion

The tiny island of La Réunion in the Southern Indian Ocean, just south of Madagascar is a surfer's paradise. However the severe tropical climate means that street furniture, particularly at the sea front, needs a world-class coating to protect it from severe conditions

The fishing village of St. Leu known as "Surf Mecca" is home to one of the most famous waves in the world and hosts many surfing competitions including the famous "Rip Curl" World Cup which took place there in 1999.

As preparation for this world-class event, the sea front at St. Leu was refurbished. This included coating the lamp posts and flag masts with Plascoat PPA 571. The esplanade was made immaculate and the coating is still pristine today.

A spokesman said - "La Réunion suffers from very harsh conditions, high humidity, intense UV and devastating cyclones. This means that coatings have to be highly protective and extremely long lasting. PPA 571 has proved that over the last three years it has stood all of these elements and we are confident that it will last for many years to come".