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Plascoat PPA 571 Aqua is BPA free, maintenance free and easy to apply

The evolution of Plascoat thermoplastic coatings for water pipes and fittings

Plascoat PPA 571 Aqua is the new recommended thermoplastic coating for water pipes and fittings and is approved for contact with potable water in North America, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Plascoat first started supplying the water industry in 2003 with its flagship product PPA 571 which was and still is extremely suitable for most water pipes and fittings. A harder grade, PPA 571H was developed and also proved popular with the water industry. The benefits described by our customers below would equally apply had they been using Plascoat PPA 571 Aqua.

Plastic coated security fence posts

Canadian case study

The water distribution system in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is benefitting from using a new high performance coating on its iron waterworks fittings. Plascoat® PPA 571 HES, one of the PPA 571 family of thermoplastic coatings, is protecting these vital components and helping to reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of buried components. The coating has NSF61 approval and is BPA free.

Plastic coated security fence posts

United States of America case study

Superior Corrosion Protection and Labour Saving Benefits


Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) use ductile iron pipe as the primary material for distribution water mains. Like all utility companies, SPU have to take measures to protect the pipe from corrosive soils.

The Port of Seattle was increasing the size of the port facility at one of the terminals, and SPU would need to relocate and redesign the water main system - over 5700 linear metres (19,000 feet) of ductile iron pipe. The enlarged terminal would extend into part


Swedish case study

Plascoat PPA 571 for the Coating of Ductile Iron Pipe (Gothenburg Water and Sewage)

The Gothenburg Water and Sewage works serves about 450,000 inhabitants and industries. Water is taken from the Göta river and after treatment in two plants distributed in a network, 1750 meters in length.

Traditionally cast iron pipes were used but in 1970 ductile iron pipes were introduced. The soil consists of either rock, glacial clay with a high salt content. Corrosion is a well-known phenomenon and many old pipes have been replaced over the years, but still there are a considerable number of pipes from the last century in service.

Typically, there have been 300-400 failures with these pipes on the main network every year.

In 1986, however, new pipes were coated in thermoplastics and in the last few years in Plascoat PPA 571ES. Since this change, 80 km of pipe have been installed and so far there has been no instance of failure or corrosion with these pipes.

As a result of this experience, and of controlled tests by the Swedish Corrosion Institute, Plascoat PPA 571 is now being increasingly used for the coating of ductile iron pipes, fittings and hydrants around the world – including the USA (Seattle).

Italian case study

Plascoat PPA 571ES for Water Tanks

A leading manufacturer of water tanks and water treatment equipment is one of the latest water treatment companies to switch successfully to Plascoat PPA 571ES.

The company specialises in pioneering technology and has developed and built the latest generation of water softening plants, tanks and accessories for desalination plants that can be found the world over.

Previously using wet paints, the tanks continually suffered from corrosion problems. However, the introduction of the innovative PPA 571ES green from Plascoat has now given the company an effective long term solution.

"We have been looking for a long-term solution to sea water corrosion and are delighted with the performance of Plascoat PPA 571ES. We have been using it on a number of different applications and our tanks have remained corrosion free" said the Manager.

PPA 571ES offers the advantages of perfect edge and weld coverage, pinhole free coating, high chemical resistance - in particular to chlorinated water at a concentration of 28 ppm and excellent resistance to sea water.

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