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Plascoat Talisman 10 is a highly durable plastic coating for dishwasher baskets.

Durable, tough and low cost plastic coating for domestic white goods

Plascoat has a long history of providing a range of high performance thermoplastic powders for the coating of wire shelves and dishwasher baskets to the world’s main domestic and industrial appliance manufacturers.

Plascoat Talisman 10 has been specifically developed to coat dishwasher baskets

Plascoat Talisman 10 is the most cost-effective coating for demanding applications such as dishwasher baskets, industrial freezers and other areas where polyamides may have been traditionally used.

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Benefits include:

  • Superior performance in demanding appliance environments
  • Significantly lower material cost compared to polyamide
  • Comprehensive coverage, including metal edges and welds
  • Freedom from the traditional problems of cracking, peeling and staining
  • Naturally self adhesive
  • Food contact approved
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Plascoat NG30 is a low cost plastic powder to coat indoor wirework

Plascoat NG30 offers further cost savings for less demanding environments such as refrigerator shelves and kitchenware.

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Benefits include:

  • Competitive total coating cost compared to conventional LDPE powders
  • Easy application with superior edge and weld coverage
  • Shorter cycle times and higher throughput during coating process compared to conventional LDPE powders
  • Food contact approved
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