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Plascoat manufacture PPA 571, Talisman, Polyethylene, Wireguard and PP10

Plascoat plastic powder coating products

Plascoat has, for over 60 years, pioneered the science behind thermoplastic polyolefin coatings as well as the engineering knowledge on application and manufacturing.

You can be sure our products are of the highest standards in the industry, with multiple international and national certifications, approvals and affiliations.

Even with excellent coatings, know-how is still needed to create final client products. Our experienced technical staff are on hand to help you with your queries on work-flow, processing, coating properties, colour matching, application techniques, settings and recycling, and much more.

At Plascoat we will bring you the best products along with the best technical service.

  • Plascoat PPA 571 is the best outdoor coating for street lights, handrails, fences, play equipment, street shelters and springs

    Plascoat PPA 571 is flexible, tough and highly durable plastic coating

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  • Plascoat Talisman is a hard wearing, tough plastic coating used extensively in the dishwasher basket coating market and for coating medical equipment

    Plascoat Talisman, a hard wearing, tough, long lasting, plastic coating

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  • Plascoat manufacture and supply polyethylene plastic powder coatings ideal for indoor wirework, racks, wire shelves and fan guards

    Plascoat polyethylene plastic powder coatings are ideal for indoor wirework

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  • Plascoat Wireguard G50 is a low cost plastic coating especially developed for outdoor wirework

    Plascoat WireGuard G50 is a low cost plastic coating ideal for outdoor wirework

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  • Plascoat PPA 571 Aqua is a universal drinking water approved plastic coating for potable pipes and fittings

    Plascoat PPA 571 Aqua is a plastic coating for potable water pipes and fittings

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  • Plascoat plastic coatings for the oil and gas pipes offer the oil and ags industry with a range of high performance coatings capable of providing the best bond with adjacent 3-layer coatings

    Purpose made polypropylene and polyethylene coatings for oil & gas pipelines

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  • Plascoat manufacture a range of special powder coatings that have been developed for markets such as fire extinguisher lining, lawn mower handles and fork lift battery boxes

    Specialist coatings for fire extinguishers, lawn mowers and battery boxes

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  • Plascoat offers a contract grinding service

    Plascoat can grind, compound, sieve, store and distribute on a contract basis

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  • Plascoat plastic powder coatings can be applied by electrostatic spray, flock spray, flame spray, fluidized bed and roto-ling

    Each Plascoat product can be applied by one or more of the following methods

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