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Plascoat testimonials


Plascoat Service

"One of the main reasons we choose Plascoat as a supplier of thermoplastic powders was their world-class technical abilities and support."

Plascoat PPA 571

"I'd swear by Plascoat PPA571. Typically powder electrostatic application job. Very durable, will not peal and water cannot work its way beneath the coating. Great for things such as towbars, railings etc." SRS Pedelecer - 2014

"Most aluminium outdoor furniture is powder coated, which will give you very good rust prevention. Although, some powder coatings are better than others. If at all possible, buy the furniture raw and take it to a local powder coater and ask for a thermoplastic powder coating. It comes in a variety of colors. The brand I would recommend is Plascoat PPA 571. The coating has outstanding resistance to salt, and UV rays and will provide years of protection if applied correctly." Greg K - 2007 Yahoo! Home & Garden

"We have used the Plascoat PPA 571 thermoplastic product for a number of years on several PFI contracts. Its use is becoming more widespread primarily in part to its longevity in the market place."

"PPA 571 is far superior to other powders. It is not affected by UV light, is good at low temperatures, has a good flow rate, is harder than polythene and does not scuff"

"It looks excellent and is definitely one of the most pleasing aspects of our project. It has exceeded our expectations"