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PPA 665 has made Plascoat the global leader for internal fire extinguisher linings

Fire extinguisher lining

Plascoat manufactures and supplies the world's most popular coatings for mild steel liquid-filled fire extinguishers. We work very closely with key industrial partners to provide technical knowledge and a deep understanding of the fire extinguisher coating industry. Plascoat can offer advice on coating equipment and processes. Plascoat also works closely with Tecno Supply SRL, an engineering company, who can supply roto-lining and spray lining equipment.

Plascoat coating powders will deliver:

  • Resistance to AFFF's
  • Ability to coat up to 360 cylinders per hour
  • Long-term adhesion and protection of the metal
  • Conformity to requirements of EN3
  • Coating powders that can be applied by Roto-lining or Spray lining methods.

Plascoat PPA 665

Plascoat PPA 665 is the world's most popular anti-corrosive coating for cylinders. Developed to deliver faultless results through rotational lining, it protects against aggressive contents and provides excellent resilience to impact and abrasion in extreme conditions.

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Benefits include:

  • No need for primer
  • Anti-freeze resistance
  • Resistant to temperature shock and cycles
  • Operating temperature between -40°F and +149°F
  • Excellent impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance

Plascoat PPA 665 XL

Offering all the benefits of PPA 665, Plascoat PPA 665 XL has been specifically designed for optimal performance with rotational and spray lining application methods.

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Other benefits include:

  • Excellent flow properties
  • Superior edge and weld coverage
  • Uses standard electrostatic guns
  • Best service life
  • Wide coating window
  • Easy to achieve good coating integrity

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