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Plascoat supplies a wide range of industries with plastic coatings.

Plascoat supplies plastic coating powders to a wide range of markets worldwide

Plascoat thermoplastic powder coatings are used by a wide range of industries for a variety of reasons. For some industries Plascoat plastic coatings provide long term savings on maintenance costs or lower material costs. For other industries Plascoat products allow coating production lines to run faster or minimise the generation of hazardous fumes or to provide corrosion resistance to adverse environments. In short, Plascoat products provide our customers with real commercial advantages.

New to Plascoat? We want to provide you with real commercial advantages. Do you have any issues with your current coating material or supplier? Have your customer requirements for product longevity or environmental impact changed? If yes to either question then please contact your local Plascoat centre. Our advice will always be free and we will only recommend Plascoat plastic coatings if it provides you with real commercial advantage.

Plascoat powder coatings are regularly used to coat:

Domestic white goodsDishwasher baskets, freezer evaporation trays and refrigerator wire shelving

Metal fencesIron, mild steel and aluminium fences. Chain link, welded mesh and ornamental

Battery boxesMild steel boxes designed to hold lead acid batteries

Handrails'Warm to the touch' public handrails

Oil & Gas pipelinesPipe body, field joint, pipe fittings in factory or field environments

Wirework itemsContinuous wire strands, welded mesh and continuous mesh

Structural metalworkRebar mesh and cage work, girders, rock anchors, posts and cables

Marine environmentsMetalwork exposed to salty environments such as from road salt or sea spray

Cable traysSteel or aluminium conduits or trays designed to carry cabling

Automotive partsFlexible steel or aluminium automotive parts exposed to stone chips

Street furnitureStreet level metalwork such as lighting columns, bollards and benches

Water pipes & fittingsPotable and waste water metal water pipes, fittings and tanks

Medical furnitureGrip handles, walking aids, commodes and wheel chair frames

Stadium seat framesStadium seat frames, safety rails and grip hand rails

Fire extinguishersThe inside of water or foam filled fire extinguishers

RailAny platform or rail side metal furniture such as benches, handrails and brackets