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PPA 571 and WireGuard have been used to coat wire mesh panels, chain link and  ornamental fencing worldwide

Metal fences

Plascoat offers the metal fence market a range of outstanding polyolefin coatings. Our coatings are extremely effective at preventing corrosion from occurring and can be applied to mild steel, aluminum or galvanized steel. Our coatings are also naturally resistant to lichen, moss and fungus growth.

Plascoat PPA 571

Plascoat PPA 571 offers the best long-term value coating for fences exposed to demanding environments. It has been used all over the world where alternative coating technologies would not be sufficient to protect fences from corrosion. PPA 571 is available in electrostatic spray, dipping and flock spray powders.

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Live tests in the US have shown that the salt spray corrosion rate and the abrasion rate of PPA 571 are half those of standard coatings and the fading rate is 1/20th than that of PVC. Other advantages over PVC include excellent adhesion performance without the need of a primer, no plasticizers, chlorine or halogen content and superior resistance to impact damage and graffiti.

PPA 571 is used all over the world for chain link, framework, ornamental and security fencing and is compliant to ASTM F668-07 and ASTM F1043-08 fencing standards.

Plascoat PPA 571 offers:

  • Excellent long-term corrosion protection
  • Fully UV resistant: attractive, color-stable finish that lasts for decades
  • Resistance to sand abrasion
  • Maintained flexibility, even at - 76ºF
  • Resistance to impact damage and graffiti.
  • No need for a primer
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Plascoat WireGuard G50

Plascoat WireGuard G50 is a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to PVC. WireGuard has excellent self adhesive properties and does not require a primer. It has been specifically developed for dip coating of continuous mesh fences.

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Plascoat WireGuard G50 offers:

  • Low material cost
  • Improved scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent flexibility performance down to -4 ºF, allowing installation during winter months
  • Attractive, UV resistant, color-stable finish that lasts for decades
  • No need for expensive air-extraction systems

Plascoat PPA 571 XT

Plascoat PPA 571 XT has been specifically developed to be applied by extrusion onto wire. PPA 571 XT offers:

  • No need for a primer, product is naturally very adhesive
  • High extrusion speeds
  • Excellent salt spray performance
  • Phthalate, halogen and VOC free


Please come and say hello to the Plascoat fence team at the Fencetech exhibition in Phoenix, Arizona 5-9 February 2018. We can be found on booth #634. We will be promoting Plascoat WireGuard and Plascoat PPA 571, already widely used throughout the States.

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